Where do you go when you have to start shopping around for human hair wigs in Brisbane?
Well, after your stomach settles from the stressful news about your hair loss and you need to hear from a reliable source…
Do You Want A Brisbane Hairdresser Who’ll Listen To You?
And if you’re starting to think that a wig is the best way to recover your lost confidence…
There are a number of choices that will actually (and pleasantly) surprise you.
What do you need?
The first step in deciding what you may need to correct your hair loss could be…

  • A part wig
  • A full wig
  • A coloured wig
  • Straight
  • Curly

You’ve just entered the exciting world of hair replacement products and it is huge!
At Tango Hair Design in Ashmore, we are set-up to offer you a discreet, private room to begin your FREE consultation and eventual selection from our large range of hair replacement techniques.
Hair pieces have come a long way in the last ten years. And the really exciting development has been in…

Custom made and individually designed human hair wigs

Here’s how it works:
Firstly, we need to create a template that accurately mirrors the contour of your head.
Next, we discuss and select the colour, density, and style you want.
It’s important to understand that your final human hair wig will be individually designed and custom made to complement and enhance the real you.
Have you considered synthetic wigs?
If you’d like to consider a synthetic wig… no problem!
Synthetic hair has an amazing baked in styling memory that is so easy to wash and care for.
And… it can be customised just for you.
Your choice:
What about hairpieces, or a ponytail, or bun?
So easy to wear when all you may want is to create an instant fullness to your hair.
When you take a look at all the cleaning and conditioning products we keep at Tango Hair Design… maintenance is not an issue to keep hair pieces looking their best.
What if you can’t leave the hospital or your sick bed?
We do understand that some of our clients may find themselves in this situation. And if your hair loss problem is causing you stress and anxiety, stop worrying!
We will be only too happy to arrange a personal visit to discuss how we can help you lift your self-confidence with either a temporary or full-wig replacement.
Then, when you’re feeling better, our doors will always be open for your first visit to our hair replacement clinic in Ashmore.
Your next step
Instead of worrying about your hair loss problem, why not give us a call on… 07 3366 1388
To make you feel confident and comfortable, we will take the first step in finding and creating either a customised human hair wig or a synthetic wig.
I’ll look forward to your call.
Tiffany & Rosalie
The Tango Team